nanoFramework LoRa library Part2

Register Dump

Next step was to dump all registers (0x00 thru 0x42) of the SX1276/7/8/9 device.

I’m using “SPI5” for my testing as I could be confident in the pin numbers I copied from the nanoFramework SPI sample application.

namespace devMobile.IoT.Rfm9x.RegisterScan
   using System;
   using System.Threading;

   using Windows.Devices.Spi;

   public sealed class Rfm9XDevice
      private SpiController spiController = SpiController.GetDefault();
      private SpiDevice rfm9XLoraModem;

      public Rfm9XDevice(string SpiPort, int chipSelectPin)

         var settings = new SpiConnectionSettings(chipSelectPin)
            ClockFrequency = 500000,
            Mode = SpiMode.Mode0,// From SemTech docs pg 80 CPOL=0, CPHA=0
            SharingMode = SpiSharingMode.Shared

         rfm9XLoraModem = SpiDevice.FromId(SpiPort, settings);

      public Byte RegisterReadByte(byte registerAddress)
         byte[] writeBuffer = new byte[] { registerAddress };
         byte[] readBuffer = new byte[1];

         rfm9XLoraModem.TransferSequential(writeBuffer, readBuffer);

         return readBuffer[0];

   public class Program
      public static void Main()
            Rfm9XDevice rfm9XDevice = new Rfm9XDevice("SPI5", PinNumber('C', 2));


            while (true)
               for (byte registerIndex = 0; registerIndex <= 0x42; registerIndex++)
                  byte registerValue = rfm9XDevice.RegisterReadByte(registerIndex);

                  Console.WriteLine($"Register 0x{registerIndex:x2} - Value 0X{registerValue:x2}");

         catch (Exception ex)

      static int PinNumber(char port, byte pin)
         if (port < 'A' || port > 'J')
            throw new ArgumentException();

         return ((port - 'A') * 16) + pin;

The output of the application looked like this

Attaching to nanoDevice...
Waiting for nanoDevice to initialize...
Updating nanoDevice debugger engine.
The nanoDevice runtime is loading the application assemblies and starting execution.
'nanoFramework.Tools.VS2019.Extension.dll' (Managed): Loaded 'C:\Users\BrynLewis\source\repos\RFM9X.NetNF\RegisterScan\bin\Debug\RegisterScan.exe', Symbols loaded.
'nanoFramework.Tools.VS2019.Extension.dll' (Managed): Loaded 'C:\Users\BrynLewis\source\repos\RFM9X.NetNF\packages\nanoFramework.Windows.Devices.Spi.1.3.0-preview.12\lib\Windows.Devices.Spi.dll', Symbols loaded.
'nanoFramework.Tools.VS2019.Extension.dll' (Managed): Loaded 'C:\Users\BrynLewis\source\repos\RFM9X.NetNF\packages\nanoFramework.Runtime.Events.1.4.2-preview.1\lib\nanoFramework.Runtime.Events.dll', Symbols loaded.
'nanoFramework.Tools.VS2019.Extension.dll' (Managed): Loaded 'C:\Users\BrynLewis\source\repos\RFM9X.NetNF\packages\nanoFramework.Windows.Devices.Gpio.1.4.1-preview.13\lib\Windows.Devices.Gpio.dll', Symbols loaded.
The thread '<No Name>' (0x2) has exited with code 0 (0x0).
Register 0x00 - Value 0X00
Register 0x01 - Value 0X09
Register 0x02 - Value 0X1A
Register 0x03 - Value 0X0B
Register 0x04 - Value 0X00
Register 0x05 - Value 0X52
Register 0x06 - Value 0X6C
Register 0x07 - Value 0X80
Register 0x08 - Value 0X00
Register 0x09 - Value 0X4F
Register 0x0A - Value 0X09
Register 0x0B - Value 0X2B
Register 0x0C - Value 0X20
Register 0x0D - Value 0X08
Register 0x0E - Value 0X02
Register 0x0F - Value 0X0A
Register 0x10 - Value 0XFF
Register 0x11 - Value 0X70
Register 0x12 - Value 0X15
Register 0x13 - Value 0X0B
Register 0x14 - Value 0X28
Register 0x15 - Value 0X0C
Register 0x16 - Value 0X12
Register 0x17 - Value 0X47
Register 0x18 - Value 0X32
Register 0x19 - Value 0X3E
Register 0x1A - Value 0X00
Register 0x1B - Value 0X00
Register 0x1C - Value 0X00
Register 0x1D - Value 0X00
Register 0x1E - Value 0X00
Register 0x1F - Value 0X40
Register 0x20 - Value 0X00
Register 0x21 - Value 0X00
Register 0x22 - Value 0X00
Register 0x23 - Value 0X00
Register 0x24 - Value 0X05
Register 0x25 - Value 0X00
Register 0x26 - Value 0X03
Register 0x27 - Value 0X93
Register 0x28 - Value 0X55
Register 0x29 - Value 0X55
Register 0x2A - Value 0X55
Register 0x2B - Value 0X55
Register 0x2C - Value 0X55
Register 0x2D - Value 0X55
Register 0x2E - Value 0X55
Register 0x2F - Value 0X55
Register 0x30 - Value 0X90
Register 0x31 - Value 0X40
Register 0x32 - Value 0X40
Register 0x33 - Value 0X00
Register 0x34 - Value 0X00
Register 0x35 - Value 0X0F
Register 0x36 - Value 0X00
Register 0x37 - Value 0X00
Register 0x38 - Value 0X00
Register 0x39 - Value 0XF5
Register 0x3A - Value 0X20
Register 0x3B - Value 0X82
Register 0x3C - Value 0XFB
Register 0x3D - Value 0X02
Register 0x3E - Value 0X80
Register 0x3F - Value 0X40
Register 0x40 - Value 0X00
Register 0x41 - Value 0X00
Register 0x42 - Value 0X12

The device was not in LoRa mode (Bit 7 of RegOpMode 0x01) so the next step was to read and write registers so I could change its configuration.

I’m running (April 2020) preview versions NuGets (1.7.0-preview.12) and having to re-flash the device more often than is desirable.

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