Grove Base Hat for Raspberry PI with .NET Core 5.0

Over the weekend I ported my Windows 10 IoT Core library for Seeedstudio Grove Base Hat for RPI Zero and Grove Base Hat for Raspberry Pi to .NET Core 5.

RaspberryP and RaspberryPI Zero testrig

I have included sample application to show how to use the library

namespace devMobile.IoT.NetCore.GroveBaseHat
	using System;
	using System.Device.I2c;
	using System.Threading;

	class Program
		static void Main(string[] args)
			// bus id on the raspberry pi 3
			const int busId = 1;

			I2cConnectionSettings i2cConnectionSettings = new(busId, AnalogPorts.DefaultI2cAddress);

			using (I2cDevice i2cDevice = I2cDevice.Create(i2cConnectionSettings))
			using (AnalogPorts AnalogPorts = new AnalogPorts(i2cDevice))
				Console.WriteLine($"{DateTime.Now:HH:mm:SS} Version:{AnalogPorts.Version()}");

				double powerSupplyVoltage = AnalogPorts.PowerSupplyVoltage();
				Console.WriteLine($"{DateTime.Now:HH:mm:SS} Power Supply Voltage:{powerSupplyVoltage:F2}v");

				while (true)
					double value = AnalogPorts.Read(AnalogPorts.AnalogPort.A0);
					double rawValue = AnalogPorts.ReadRaw(AnalogPorts.AnalogPort.A0);
					double voltageValue = AnalogPorts.ReadVoltage(AnalogPorts.AnalogPort.A0);

					Console.WriteLine($"{DateTime.Now:HH:mm:SS} Value:{value:F2} Raw:{rawValue:F2} Voltage:{voltageValue:F2}v");


The GROVE_BASE_HAT_RPI and GROVE_BASE_HAT_RPI_ZERO are used to specify the number of available analog ports.

Grove Base Hat for Raspberry PI Zero Windows 10 IoT Core

During the week a package arrived from Seeedstudio with a Grove Base Hat for RPI Zero. So I have modified my Grove Base Hat for RPI Windows 10 IoT Core library to add support for the new shield.

Grove Base Hat for Raspberry PI Zero on Raspberry PI 3

The Raspberry PI Zero hat has a two less analog ports and a different device id so some conditional compile options were necessary

namespace devMobile.Windows10IoTCore.GroveBaseHatRPI
#error Library must have at least one of GROVE_BASE_HAT_RPI or GROVE_BASE_HAT_RPI_ZERO defined

#error Library must have at most one of GROVE_BASE_HAT_RPI or GROVE_BASE_HAT_RPI_ZERO defined

	public class AnalogPorts : IDisposable
		private const int I2CAddress = 0x04;
		private const byte RegisterDeviceId = 0x0;
		private const byte RegisterVersion = 0x02;
		private const byte RegisterPowerSupplyVoltage = 0x29;
		private const byte RegisterRawBase = 0x10;
		private const byte RegisterVoltageBase = 0x20;
		private const byte RegisterValueBase = 0x30;
		private const byte DeviceId = 0x0004;
		private const byte DeviceId = 0x0005;
		private I2cDevice Device= null;
		private bool Disposed = false;

		public enum AnalogPort
			A0 = 0,
			A1 = 1,
			A2 = 2,
			A3 = 3,
			A4 = 4,
			A5 = 5,
			A6 = 6,
			A7 = 7,

The code updates have been “smoke” tested and I have updated the GitHub repository.