.NET Core web API + Dapper – Retries

Recovering from transient failures with Polly

It’s not uncommon for SQL Azure servers and databases to suffer from “transient failures”. In application logs I have seen these occur during scale up/down events, periods where my application’s performance has been temporarily impacted (but its throughput has not changed), which I assume has been some load balancing going on in the background and when network connectivity has been a bit flakey.

Microsoft has published guidance for building Microservices applications, troubleshooting common AzureSQL errors and improving the resilience of ADO.Net connections which cover different approaches in depth.

For many years I used the Microsoft Enterprise Library Transient Fault Handling Application Block (TOPAZ), then upgraded to the .Net Core Version built by Mo Chavoshi both of which have been retired.

Now I’m using The Polly Project which builds on the concepts of TOPAZ but has been thoroughly re-engineered with lots of extensibility, an active community and modern codebase. Inspired by Ben Hyrman and several other developers I have built a minimalist wrapper for the Dapper Async methods which detects transient errors using the same approach as the Entity Framework Core library.

public static Task<int> ExecuteWithRetryAsync(
			  this IDbConnection connection,
			  string sql,
			  object param = null,
			  IDbTransaction transaction = null,
			  int? commandTimeout = null,
			  CommandType? commandType = null) => RetryPolicy.ExecuteAsync(() => connection.ExecuteAsync(sql, param, transaction, commandTimeout, commandType));

I did think about retry functionality for async methods which returned object/dynamic but have only implemented strongly typed ones for the initial version.

public async Task<ActionResult<IAsyncEnumerable<Model.StockItemListDtoV1>>> Get()
	IEnumerable<Model.StockItemListDtoV1> response = null;

		using (SqlConnection db = new SqlConnection(this.connectionString))
			response = await db.QueryWithRetryAsync<Model.StockItemListDtoV1>(sql: @"SELECT [StockItemID] as ""ID"", [StockItemName] as ""Name"", [RecommendedRetailPrice], [TaxRate] FROM [Warehouse].[StockItems]", commandType: CommandType.Text);
	catch (SqlException ex)
		logger.LogError(ex, "Retrieving list of StockItems");

		return this.StatusCode(StatusCodes.Status500InternalServerError);

	return this.Ok(response);

I have struggled to get reproduceable transient failures without pausing execution in the Visual Studio debugger and tinkering with variables or scaling up/down my databases (limit to how often this can be done) or unplugging the network cable at the wrong time.