Canterbury Software Cluster Internet of Things Presentation

For my presentation last week I prepared a sample xively and Netduino based application to illustrate what could be built with off the shelf kit. I built a wireless home monitoring system which had two energy consumption monitoring devices and a dual temperature sensor device. These devices uploaded their data using MQTT to xively in close to real time. Prices as at May 2014

The devices connected to the internet via a gateway.


The software running on the Netduino was built using the NetMF library from KittyHawkMQ and the nRF24L01+ library from codeplex

Testing the solar powered temperature sensor monitoring my kitchen fridge. The fridge was 4° and the freezer was -18°


The software was based on the nRF24L01library on codeplex,  Brad’s One-Wire and DS18B20 library with fixes from here.

Testing the power consumption monitor devices, with my “modified” power lead.


The software was based on the approach in the Arduino code of the emon libraries from the Open Energy Monitor project which I’ll discuss in more detail in a future post.