The Things Network HTTP Integration Part13

Connection multiplexing

For the Proof of Concept(PoC) I had used a cache to store Azure IoT Hub connections to reduce the number of calls to the Device Provisioning Service(DPS).

Number of connections with no pooling

When stress testing with 1000’s of devices my program hit the host connection limit so I enabled Advanced Message Queuing Protocol(AMQP) connection pooling.

return DeviceClient.Create(result.AssignedHub,
                  new ITransportSettings[]
                     new AmqpTransportSettings(TransportType.Amqp_Tcp_Only)
                        PrefetchCount = 0,
                        AmqpConnectionPoolSettings = new AmqpConnectionPoolSettings()
                           Pooling = true,

My first attempt failed as I hadn’t configured “TransportType.Amqp_Tcp_Only” which would have allowed the AMQP implementation to fallback to other protocols which don’t support pooling.

Exception caused by not using TransportType.Amqp_Tcp_Only

I then deployed the updated code and ran my 1000 device stress test (note the different x axis scales)

Number of connections with pooling

This confirmed what I found in the Azure.AMQP source code

/// <summary>
/// The default size of the pool
/// </summary>
/// <remarks>
/// Allows up to 100,000 devices
/// </remarks>
/// private const uint DefaultPoolSize = 100;

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