The Things Network V2 MQTT Client

Another option for I had been looking at for connecting an Azure IoT Hub and The Things Network(TTN) was a Message Queue Telemetry Transport(MQTT) integration.

To trial this approach I build a .Net Core console application which sent message to and received messages from an application running on a GHI Electronics TinyCLRV2 Fezduino with RakWireless Wisduino Evaluation Board(EVB).

The console application uses MQTTNet to connect to TTN. It subscribes to to the TTN application device uplink topic (did try subscribing to the uplink messages for all the devices in the application but this was to noisy), and the downlink message scheduled, sent and acknowledged topics. To send messages to the device I published them on the device downlink topic.

//string uplinktopic = $"{applicationId}/devices/+/up";
string uplinktopic = $"{applicationId}/devices/{deviceId}/up";
await mqttClient.SubscribeAsync(uplinktopic, MQTTnet.Protocol.MqttQualityOfServiceLevel.AtLeastOnce);

string downlinkAcktopic = $"{applicationId}/devices/{deviceId}/events/down/acks";
await mqttClient.SubscribeAsync(downlinkAcktopic, MQTTnet.Protocol.MqttQualityOfServiceLevel.AtLeastOnce);

string downlinkScheduledtopic = $"{applicationId}/devices/{deviceId}/events/down/scheduled";
await mqttClient.SubscribeAsync(downlinkScheduledtopic, MQTTnet.Protocol.MqttQualityOfServiceLevel.AtLeastOnce);

string downlinkSenttopic = $"{applicationId}/devices/{deviceId}/events/down/sent";
await mqttClient.SubscribeAsync(downlinkSenttopic, MQTTnet.Protocol.MqttQualityOfServiceLevel.AtLeastOnce);

string downlinktopic = $"{applicationId}/devices/{deviceId}/down";

I used the classes from one of my earlier blog posts to deserialise the uplink message payload so I could display a subset of the fields.

MQTTNet based .Net Core console client
Things Network Device Data view

In the TTN Device data tab I could see messages being sent, to and received from from the device.

Visual Studio 2019 Tiny CLR debugger Output

In the Visual Studio 2019 debugger output window I could see messages being sent and received by the Fezduino.

Malformed TTN downlink payload

I had some problems with the downlink messages silently failing as the TTN sample payload JSON was malformed and I had copied it without noticing.

I have a working TTN HTTP Integration (uplink messages only) but have been exploring alternatives using TTN MQTT and Azure IoT Hub AMQP clients.

The next step is to build an Azure IoT Hub client (using native AMQP) then join them together.

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