Invalidating the warranty…

I wanted the RAK811 LPWAN Evaluation Board(EVB) -AS923 to work with selection of my Arduino and nanoFramework devices. The first decision was which of the hardware serial port (D0,D1) or the software serial port (D10,D11) should be connected to P1?

To use the EVB with my STM32F691DISCOVERY board running the nanoFramework (COM5 on the hardware serial port pins D0,D1) I removed R17&R19.

After some tinkering, I found that R8 which is connected to the RAK811 module reset had to be cut as well for the shield to work on my Arduino Uno R3 and STM32F691DISCOVERY devices.

RAK811 EVB with R17,R19 & R8 cut

I can still run the Arduino Uno R3 and RAK811 EVB in the original configuration with a couple of jumper leads

RAK811 on Arduino with Serial connected to D10,D1 a SoftwareSerial port

For devices where I needed D10,D11 for a  Serial Peripheral Interface(SPI) I could use an FTDI board and a couple of other pins (in this case D2,D3) for serial logging.

RAK811 on Arduino with Serial connected to D2,D2 a SoftwareSerial port

After debugging some code I also replaced the small jumpers on P1 with a couple of jumper leads so it was less fiddly to swap from downloading to debugging.

9 thoughts on “RAK811 LPWAN EVB Part3

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  6. Very informative stuff you have here, thank you! I would like to ask if you were able to use the SPI ports after deleting resistors? I’m planning to integrate an SD card module to write and log the RX details of my device. I’m testing the range via p2p. TIA!

    • Hi
      In the post https://blog.devmobile.co.nz/2020/06/13/rak811-lpwan-evb-part2/ is the Wisnode schematic.

      I remove R17 & R18 which connect the serial TX & RX to D10 & D11 which are normally SS & MOSI.
      D12 (MISO) & D13(SCK) are not used by the Wisnode so depending on what SS line you’re using it should work
      I also had to remove R8 (RESET) as well but that shouldn’t impact your application.

      “No warranty implied or otherwise should be inferred from this statement” /s

      • Cool! I’ve already removed some of the resistors but couldn’t get the SPI pins work just by changing the software. So I think I need to roll up my sleeves again to delete R17 & 18. Thanks! this is really helpful. I’ll try to update my little project here. 🙂

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