Netduino 3 Wifi xively nRF24L01 Gateway introduction

Around home I have a number of Arduino, devDuino and Netduino devices collecting power consumption, temperature & humidity measurements. Previously I had built an Azure event hub gateway which runs on Windows 7(or later) which acts as a gateway forwarding local http requests to an Microsoft Azure event hub.

Not all my embedded devices are capable of making an http request but an nRF24l01 based approach is supported.

For this application I wanted something a bit simpler than an Azure Event hub which could plot basic graphs and as I didn’t require massive scale Xively looked ideal.

Netduino 3 Wifi xively gateway + duino clients

Netduino 3 Wifi xively gateway and *duino clients

Over the next few blog postings I will show how I built the Netduino 3 wifi application and the Arduino based clients.

Bill of materials for the Xively gateway (prices at June 2015)

First step is to configure the network

NetworkInterface networkInterface = NetworkInterface.GetAllNetworkInterfaces()[0];

if (networkInterface.IsDhcpEnabled)
   Debug.Print(" Waiting for IP address ");

   while (NetworkInterface.GetAllNetworkInterfaces()[0].IPAddress == IPAddress.Any.ToString()) 

// Display network config for debugging
Debug.Print("Network configuration");
Debug.Print(" Network interface type: " + networkInterface.NetworkInterfaceType.ToString());
Debug.Print(" MAC Address: " + BytesToHexString(networkInterface.PhysicalAddress));
Debug.Print(" DHCP enabled: " + networkInterface.IsDhcpEnabled.ToString());
Debug.Print(" Dynamic DNS enabled: " + networkInterface.IsDynamicDnsEnabled.ToString());
Debug.Print(" IP Address: " + networkInterface.IPAddress.ToString());
Debug.Print(" Subnet Mask: " + networkInterface.SubnetMask.ToString());
Debug.Print(" Gateway: " + networkInterface.GatewayAddress.ToString());

foreach (string dnsAddress in networkInterface.DnsAddresses)
   Debug.Print(" DNS Server: " + dnsAddress.ToString());

_module = new NRF24L01Plus();

Then setup the nRF24l01 driver

_module.OnDataReceived += OnReceive;
_module.OnTransmitFailed += OnSendFailure;
_module.OnTransmitSuccess += OnSendSuccess;

_module.Initialize(SPI.SPI_module.SPI1, Pins.GPIO_PIN_D7, Pins.GPIO_PIN_D3, Pins.GPIO_PIN_D2);
_module.Configure(myAddress, channel, NRFDataRate.DR1Mbps);

The setup required for the Xively API and mapping the devices highlighted the need for a means of storing configuration which could be modified using a simple text editor.

Netduino 3 Wifi with nRF24L01 shield

Netduino 3 Wifi + nRF24L01 shield

This software was built using tooling created and shared by others.

Big thanks to

Jakub Bartkowiak – Gralin.NETMF.Nordic.NRF24L01Plus

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