Remote control 4WD robot build part1

A couple of parcels of parts arrived last week and I have started assembling my next robot project (possibly for code club). It’s a 4WD drive robot with an nRF24L01+ based remote control.

Robot chassis

ElecFreaks 4WD Robot and Remote

Had a slight problem with pin usage, the Embedded Coolness nRF24L01 shield and Pololu Dual MC33926 Motor Shield both use pin D2(irq) & D7(csn). The polulu shield supports some customising of pins so I disconnected D2(Status flag indicator), cut the D7 link (Motor 1 direction input) and wired it to pin D5.

modified motor shield

Pololu Dual MC33926 Modifications

I’m using the nRF24l01 driver from codeplex as basis for both ends of my remote control, code to follow…

Bill of materials (Prices USD as at Feb 2014)


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