Azure Percept Pay Attention to the Warnings

Azure IoT Hub setup “Learnings”

After roughly an hour the telemetry stopped and the Azure Percept displayed a message which wasn’t terribly helpful.

I had manually created the Azure IoT Hub and selected the “Free Tier” (I was trying to keep my monthly billing reasonable) then as I was stepping through the Azure Percept setup wizard I didn’t read the warning message highlighted below.

Azure Percept Azure IoT Hub Warning

The Azure Percept generates a lot of messages and I had quickly hit the 8000 messages per day limit of the “Free Tier”.

Azure IoT Hub Daily Message Quota

I had to create a new Azure IoT Hub, repave the Azure Percept Device (there were some updates and I had made some mistakes in the initial setup) and reconfigure the device.

Azure IoT Hub Minimum Tier configuration