Smartish Edge Camera – Azure IoT Readonly Properties

This post builds on my Smartish Edge Camera – Azure IoT Direct Methods post adding a number of read only properties. In this version the application reports the OSVersion, MachineName, ApplicationVersion, ImageTimerDue, ImageTimerPeriod, YoloV5ModelPath, PredictionScoreThreshold, PredictionLabelsOfInterest, and PredictionLabelsMinimum.

Azure IoT Explorer displaying the reported “readonly” property values

The AzureMLMetSmartEdgeCamera application supports both Azure IoT Hub and Azure IoT Central connectivity so I have have covered inspecting the properties with Azure IoT Explorer and adding them to an Azure IoT Central Template.

Azure IoT Central Template Readonly properties

The code populates a TwinCollection then calls UpdateReportedPropertiesAsync to push the properties upto my Azure IoT Hub. (This functionality is not available on all Azure IoT hub Tiers)

protected override async Task ExecuteAsync(CancellationToken stoppingToken)
	_logger.LogInformation("Azure IoT Smart Edge Camera Service starting");

		_deviceClient = await AzureIoTHubConnection();
		_deviceClient = await AzureIoTHubDpsConnection();

		_logger.LogTrace("ReportedPropeties upload start");

		TwinCollection reportedProperties = new TwinCollection();

		reportedProperties["OSVersion"] = Environment.OSVersion.VersionString;
		reportedProperties["MachineName"] = Environment.MachineName;
		reportedProperties["ApplicationVersion"] = Assembly.GetAssembly(typeof(Program)).GetName().Version;
		reportedProperties["ImageTimerDue"] = _applicationSettings.ImageTimerDue;
		reportedProperties["ImageTimerPeriod"] = _applicationSettings.ImageTimerPeriod;
		reportedProperties["YoloV5ModelPath"] = _applicationSettings.YoloV5ModelPath;

		reportedProperties["PredictionScoreThreshold"] = _applicationSettings.PredictionScoreThreshold;
		reportedProperties["PredictionLabelsOfInterest"] = _applicationSettings.PredictionLabelsOfInterest;
		reportedProperties["PredictionLabelsMinimum"] = _applicationSettings.PredictionLabelsMinimum;

		await _deviceClient.UpdateReportedPropertiesAsync(reportedProperties, stoppingToken);

		_logger.LogTrace("ReportedPropeties upload done");

		_logger.LogTrace("YoloV5 model setup start");
		_scorer = new YoloScorer<YoloCocoP5Model>(_applicationSettings.YoloV5ModelPath);
		_logger.LogTrace("YoloV5 model setup done");

Azure IoT Central Dashboard with readonly properties before UpdateReportedPropertiesAsync called
Azure IoT Central Telemetry displaying property update payloads
Azure IoT Central Dashboard displaying readonly properties

While testing the application I noticed the reported property version was increasing every time I deployed the application. I was retrieving the version information as the application started with AssemblyName.Version

reportedProperties["ApplicationVersion"] = Assembly.GetAssembly(typeof(Program)).GetName().Version;
Visual Studio 2019 Application Package information

I had also configured the Assembly Version in the SmartEdgeCameraAzureIoTService project Package tab to update the assembly build number each time the application was compiled. This was forcing an update of the reported properties version every time the application started