RFM69 hat library Hello Woooooooo

While doing some stress testing I noticed an odd message go past in the Visual Studio output window. I had multiple devices sending addressed messages (both individual and broadcast) to the Adafruit RFM69 HCW Radio Bonnet, on my Windows 10 IoT Core device while it was sending a message every 5 seconds.

Received From 153 a 13 byte message Hello World:7
18:43:56.544 RegIrqFlags2 01100110
18:43:56.558 RegIrqFlags1 11011001
18:43:56.575 Address 0X66 01100110
Received From 102 a 15 byte message Hello World:162
The thread 0x254 has exited with code 0 (0x0).
18:43:57.699 Send-hello world 6:43:57 PM
18:43:57.699 RegIrqFlags2 01100110
18:43:57.731 RegIrqFlags1 10000000
18:43:57.747 Address 0X66 01100110
18:43:57.765 Send-Done
Received From 102 a 15 byte message Hello Woooooooo
18:43:57.987 RegIrqFlags2 00001000
18:43:58.003 RegIrqFlags1 10110000
18:43:58.017 Transmit-Done
18:43:58.825 RegIrqFlags2 01100110
18:43:58.838 RegIrqFlags1 11011001
18:43:58.857 Address 0X66 01100110
Received From 102 a 15 byte message Hello World:164
18:43:59.966 RegIrqFlags2 01100110
18:43:59.979 RegIrqFlags1 11011001
18:43:59.998 Address 0X66 01100110

The odd thing was that the RegIrqFlags2 CrcOk (bit 1) was set but the message was still corrupt.

RegIrqFlags2 bit flags from SX1231 datasheet

After looking at the code I think the problem was the reading of the received message bytes from the device FIFO and the writing of bytes of message to be transmitted into the device FIFO overlapped. To stop this occurring again I have added code to synchronise access (using a Lock) to the FIFO.

private readonly Object Rfm9XRegFifoLock = new object();
private void ProcessPayloadReady(RegIrqFlags1 irqFlags1, RegIrqFlags2 irqFlags2)
	byte? address = null;
	byte numberOfBytes;
	byte[] messageBytes;

	lock (Rfm9XRegFifoLock)
		// Read the length of the buffer if variable length packets
		if (PacketFormat == RegPacketConfig1PacketFormat.VariableLength)
			numberOfBytes = RegisterManager.ReadByte((byte)Rfm69HcwDevice.Registers.RegFifo);
			numberOfBytes = PayloadLength;

		// Remove the address from start of the payload
		if (AddressingEnabled)
			address = RegisterManager.ReadByte((byte)Rfm69HcwDevice.Registers.RegFifo);

			Debug.WriteLine("{0:HH:mm:ss.fff} Address 0X{1:X2} {2}", DateTime.Now, address, Convert.ToString((byte)address, 2).PadLeft(8, '0'));

		// Allocate a buffer for the payload and read characters from the Fifo
		messageBytes = new byte[numberOfBytes];

		for (int i = 0; i < numberOfBytes; i++)
			messageBytes[i] = RegisterManager.ReadByte((byte)Rfm69HcwDevice.Registers.RegFifo);
public void SendMessage(byte[] messageBytes)
#region Guard conditions

	lock (Rfm9XRegFifoLock)

		if (PacketFormat == RegPacketConfig1PacketFormat.VariableLength)
			RegisterManager.WriteByte((byte)Registers.RegFifo, (byte)messageBytes.Length);

		foreach (byte b in messageBytes)
			this.RegisterManager.WriteByte((byte)Registers.RegFifo, b);


The code has been running for a day without any corrupted messages so the lock appears to be working. I can most probably reduce the duration which I hold the lock for but that will require some more stress testing.

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