Windows 10 IoT Core Field Gateways “less is more”

After looking back at the technical support interactions for my Azure IoT Hubs Windows 10 IoT Core Field Gateway & AdaFruit.IO LoRa Windows 10 IoT Core Field Gateway I think removing a “feature” might make it easier for first time users.

In an early version of the software I used to provide a sample configuration JSON file in the associated GitHub repository. Users had to download this file to a computer, update it with their Azure IOT Hub or Azure IoT Central connection string or AdafruitIO APIKey , frequency and device address, then upload to the field gateway.

In a later version of the software I added code which created an empty configuration file with defaults for all settings, many of which were a distraction as the majority of users would never change them.

More settings meant there was more scope for users to change settings which broke the device samples and the gateway.

I have removed the code to generate the full configuration file (starting with Azure IOT Hub field gateway) and included a sample configuration file with the minimum required settings in the GitHub repositories and installers.

I am assuming that if a user wants to change advanced settings they can look at the code and/or documentation and figure out the setting names and valid values.

The new sample configuration file for a Azure IoT Hub telemetry only gateway is

  "AzureIoTHubDeviceConnectionString": "Azure IOT Hub connection string",
  "AzureIoTHubTransportType": "amqp",
  "SensorIDIsDeviceIDSensorID": false,
  "Address": "Device address",
  "Frequency": 915000000.0

The prebuilt installers available on GitHub post version (Azure IoT Hub) and (Adafruit.IO) will implement this model.

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