Fez Cobra III Analog Input read rates

In other blog posts I have measured the AnalogInput read rate of my Netduino, FEZ Lemur and FEZ Panda III devices and was surprised by some of the numbers. Now, I have another project which uses a GHI Electronics FEZ Covbra III so have done another quick test.

This is just a simple test, not terribly representative of real world I just wanted to get comparable numbers.

public static void Main()
   int value;
   AnalogInput x1 = new AnalogInput(FEZLemur.AnalogInput.D19);
   Stopwatch stopwatch = Stopwatch.StartNew();


   for (int i = 0; i <; SampleCount; i++)
      value = x1.ReadRaw();

   Debug.Print("Duration = " + stopwatch.ElapsedMilliseconds.ToString() + " mSec " + (SampleCount * 1000 / stopwatch.ElapsedMilliseconds).ToString() + "/sec";);

Fez CobraIII 120 MHz CPU
Duration = 9297 mSec 10756/sec
Duration = 9297 mSec 10756/sec
Duration = 9298 mSec 10755/sec
Duration = 9296 mSec 10757/sec
Duration = 9298 mSec 10755/sec

Something is not quite right here need to look at my code and the numbers some more.

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