RAK7258 Local server and Message Queuing Telemetry Transport(MQTT)

This post was originally about getting the built in Network Server of my RAKWireless RAK7258 WisGate Edge Lite to connect to an Azure IoT Hub or Azure IoT Central. The RAK7258 had been connected to The Things Industries(TTI) network so I updated the firmware and checked the “mode” in the LoRaWAN Network settings.

RAK 7258 LoRaWAN Network settings

Azure IoT Hub is not a fully featured MQTT broker so I initially looked at running Eclipse Mosquitto or HiveMQ locally but this seemed like a lot of effort for a Proof of Concept(PoC).

RAK 7258 Network Server Global Integration settings

I have used MQTTNet in a few other projects (The Things Network(TTN) V3 Azure IoT Connector, The Things Network V2 MQTT SQL Connector, Windows 10 IoT Core MQTT Field gateway etc.) and there was a sample application which showed ho to build a simple server so that became my preferred approach.

I then started exploring how applications and devices are provisioned in the RAK Network Server.

RAK 7258 Network Server applications list

The network server software has “unified” and “separate” “Device authentication mode”s and will “auto Add LoRa Device”s if enabled.

RAK 7258 Network Server Separate Application basic setup
RAK 7258 Network Server Separate Application device basic setup
RAK 7258 Network Server Unified Application device basic setup

Applications also have configurable payload formats(raw & CayenneLPP) and integrations (uplink messages plus join, ack, and device notifications etc.)

RAK7258 live device data display

In the sample server I could see how ValidatingConnectionAsync was used to check the clientID, username and password when a device connected. I just wanted to display messages and payloads without having to use an MQTT client and it looked like InterceptingPublishAsync was a possible solution.

But the search results were a bit sparse…

InterceptingPublishAsync + MQTTNet search results

After some reading the MQTTNet documentation and some experimentation I could display the message payload (same as in the live device data display) in a “nasty” console application.

namespace devMobile.IoT.RAKWisgate.ServerBasic
   using System;
	using System.Threading.Tasks;

   using MQTTnet;
   using MQTTnet.Protocol;
   using MQTTnet.Server;

   public static class Program
      static async Task Main(string[] args)
         var mqttFactory = new MqttFactory();

         var mqttServerOptions = new MqttServerOptionsBuilder()

         using (var mqttServer = mqttFactory.CreateMqttServer(mqttServerOptions))
            mqttServer.InterceptingPublishAsync += e =>
               Console.WriteLine($"Client:{e.ClientId} Topic:{e.ApplicationMessage.Topic} {e.ApplicationMessage.ConvertPayloadToString()}");

               return Task.CompletedTask;

            mqttServer.ValidatingConnectionAsync += e =>
               if (e.ClientId != "RAK Wisgate7258")
                  e.ReasonCode = MqttConnectReasonCode.ClientIdentifierNotValid;

               if (e.Username != "ValidUser")
                  e.ReasonCode = MqttConnectReasonCode.BadUserNameOrPassword;

               if (e.Password != "TopSecretPassword")
                  e.ReasonCode = MqttConnectReasonCode.BadUserNameOrPassword;

               return Task.CompletedTask;

            await mqttServer.StartAsync();

            Console.WriteLine("Press Enter to exit.");

            await mqttServer.StopAsync();
MQTTNet based console application displaying device payloads

The process of provisioning Applications and Devices is quite different (The use of the AppEUI/JoinEUI is odd) to The Things Network(TTN) and other platforms I have used so I will explore this some more in future post(s).

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