Azure Blob storage BlobTrigger .Net Webjob

With the Windows 10 IoT Core application now reliably uploading images to Azure Blob Storage I wanted a simple test application to email the images to me as they arrived. So I hacked up an Azure Webjob using the SendGrid extension and a BlobTrigger

PIR Sensor trigger

After a couple of failed attempts (due to NuGet package versioning mismatches) this was the smallest, reliable enough application I could come up with. Beware BlobTriggers are not really intended for solutions requiring high throughput and/or reliability.

    Copyright ® 2019 March devMobile Software, All Rights Reserved
    MIT License
namespace devMobile.Azure.Storage
	using System.IO;
	using System.Configuration;
	using System.Threading.Tasks;
	using Microsoft.Azure.WebJobs;
	using Microsoft.Azure.WebJobs.Host;
	using SendGrid.Helpers.Mail;

	public static class ImageEmailer
		public async static Task Run(
				Stream inputBlob,
				string name,
				[SendGrid(ApiKey = "")]
				IAsyncCollector<SendGridMessage> messageCollector,
				TraceWriter log)
			log.Info($"C# Blob trigger function Processed blob Name:{name} Size: {inputBlob.Length} Bytes");

			SendGridMessage message = new SendGridMessage();
			message.AddTo(new EmailAddress(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["EmailAddressTo"]));
			message.From = new EmailAddress(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["EmailAddressFrom"]);
			message.SetSubject("RPI Web camera Image attached");
			message.AddContent("text/plain", $"{name} {inputBlob.Length} bytes" );

			await message.AddAttachmentAsync(name, inputBlob, "image/jpeg");

			await messageCollector.AddAsync(message);
Blob container and naming issues

This application highlighted a number of issues with my Windows 10 IoT Core client. They were

  • Configurable minimum period between images as PIR sensor would trigger multiple times as someone moved across my office.
  • Configurable Azure Blob Storage container for latest image as my BlobTrigger fired twice (for latest and timestamped images).
  • Configurable Azure Blob Storage container for image history as my BlobTrigger fired twice (for latest and timestamped images).
  • Include a unique device identifier (possibly MAC address) with image as I had two machines with the same device name on different networks.
  • Additional Blob metadata would be useful.
  • Additional logging would be useful for diagnosing problems.

I’ll look fix these issues in my next couple of posts

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