CodeClub Internet of Things Boxes sponsored by Microsoft NZ

A few months ago Microsoft NZ donated NZ6K to CodeClub NZ for the purchase of kits for our basic electronics and programming classes.

Over the last couple of months I have been assembling these so we now have 15 kits ready to go. Each one has enough gear for 2-6 students, fits into a 7L Sistema plastic box and contains the following items

2 x Netduino 2 Plus devices
2 x Seeedstudio Grove Starter kits for Arduino which contain

  • 1xBase Shield
  • 1xGrove – LCD RGB Backlight
  • 1xGrove – Smart Relay
  • 1xGrove – Buzzer
  • 1xGrove – Sound Sensor
  • 1xGrove – Touch Sensor
  • 1xGrove – Rotary Angle Sensor
  • 1xGrove – Temperature Sensor
  • 1xGrove – Light Sensor
  • 1xGrove – Button
  • 1xGrove LED Blue-Blue
  • 1xGrove LED Green-Green
  • 1xGrove  LED Red-Red
  • 1xMini Servo
  • 10xGrove Cables
  • 1x9V to Barrel Jack Adapter
  • 1xGrove starter kit Manual
  • 1xGreen Plastic Box
  • 1 x ultrasonic ranger

In addition to the Netduino devices and the Grove starter kits, we also include

Thanks to Embedded coolness, Secret Labs, and Seeedstudio which discounted their products so our funding went further.

CodeClub Programming and electronics kits

CodeClub Programming and electronics kits

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