Netduino Electromyograph (EMG)

One of CodeClub’s sponsors is Orion Health so I had been looking for some reasonably priced sensors for health focused projects. We already use the SeeedStudio Heart rate sensor for one of our projects so I ordered a Grove EMG Detector for evaluation.

Netduino with Seeedstudio EMG

Netduino with Grove EMG Detector

The EMG detector outputs a single analog signal which we connected to analog input 0. For the proof of concept we averaged for 500 samples to determine the steady state offset.

for (int sampleCounter = 0; sampleCounter < calibrationSampleCount; sampleCounter++)
   double value = emg.Read();
   sampleSum += value;
offset = sampleSum / calibrationSampleCount ;

We then read the analog input applied the offset and displayed the magnitude of the signal on a Seeedstudio LED bar using code written by Famoury Toure

   double value = emg.Read() - offset;

   if (value < valueMinimum) { valueMinimum = value; } if (value > valueMaximum)
      valueMaximum = value;
   range = valueMaximum - valueMinimum;

   if (value < 0)
      value = value / valueMaximum * 10.0;
      value = value / valueMinimum * 10.0;

   Debug.Print("Val " + value.ToString("F3") + " Max " + valueMaximum.ToString("F3") + " Min " +valueMinimum.ToString("F3"));

   int bar = 1;
   value = 10.0 - value;
   bar = bar << (int)value ;

Bill of Materials (Prices as at October 2014)

The proof of concept worked surprisingly well, the LED illuminated on the LED bar appeared to move in response to arm movements and when I clenched my fist.

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