Quadcopter MPU 6050 IMU mounting board ordered

For testing I’m going to need a shield to mount my MPU 6050 breakout board and connectors for the four motor speed controllers so a protoshield looked like an ideal solution. The netduino plus 2 I am planning to use for the Quadcopter controller has a slightly different I2C setup to the original Netduino & Netduino plus. After some research it looks like the Netduino plus 2 arrangement is the same as the Arduino Uno & Arduino Leonardo with the I2C SDA & SCL pins next to the AREF pin. I did consider using a software based I2C implementation but discounted this because I was worried about performance and additional complexity.

Many of the Arduino/Netduino protoshields currently on sale (June 2013) don’t have the necessary SDA & SCL pins e.g. Sparkfun, Freetronics, Adafruit, Makershed, ladyada etc.

I have sourced 2 x Leoshield from GorillaBuilderz in Australia which look suitable.