NLog and Application Insights Revisited

Just a few small changes to my NLog sample logging to Azure Application Insights.

I modified the application so I could provide the InstrumentationKey via the command line or the ApplicationInsights.Config file.(I have a minimalist config for this sample)

namespace devMobile.Azure.ApplicationInsightsNLogClient
   class Program
      private static Logger log = LogManager.GetLogger(System.Reflection.MethodBase.GetCurrentMethod().DeclaringType.ToString());

      static void Main(string[] args)
         if ((args.Length != 0) && (args.Length != 1))
            Console.WriteLine("Usage ApplicationInsightsNLogClient");
            Console.WriteLine("      ApplicationInsightsNLogClient <instrumentationKey>");

         if (args.Length == 1)
            TelemetryConfiguration.Active.InstrumentationKey = args[0];

         log.Trace("This is an nLog Trace message");
         log.Debug("This is an nLog Debug message");
         log.Info("This is an nLog Info message");
         log.Warn("This is an nLog Warning message");
         log.Error("This is an nLog Error message");
         log.Fatal("This is an nLog Fatal message");


			Console.WriteLine("Press <enter> to exit>");

Code for my sample console application is here.

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