MQTT LoRa Windows 10 IoT Core Field Gateway

After building platform specific gateways I have built an MQ Telemetry Transport(MQTT) Field Gateway. The application is a Windows IoT Core background task and uses the MQTTnet client. The first supported cloud Internet of Things (IoT) application API is the AdaFruit.IO MQTT interface.

This client implementation is not complete and currently only supports basic topic formatting (setup in the config.json file) and device to cloud (D2C messaging). The source code and a selection of prebuilt installers are available on

Included with the field gateway application are number of console applications that I am using to debug connectivity with the different cloud platforms.

There also sample Arduino with Dragino LoRa Shield for Arduino, MakerFabs Maduino, Dragino LoRa Mini Dev, M2M Low power Node and Netduino with Elecrow LoRa RFM95 Shield etc. clients

AdaFruit.IO dashboard for Arduino Sensor Node
Arduino device with AM2302 temperature sensor

When the application is first started it creates a minimal configuration file which should be downloaded, the missing information filled out, then uploaded using the File explorer in the Windows device portal.

  "MQTTUserName": "",
  "MQTTPassword": "",
  "MqttTopicFormat": "{0}/feeds/{1}{2}",
  "MQTTClientID": "",
  "MQTTServer": "",
  "Address": "LoRaIoT2",
  "Frequency": 433000000.0

The application logs debugging information to the Windows 10 IoT Core ETW logging Microsoft-Windows-Diagnostics-LoggingChannel

The application currently only supports comma separated value(CSV) payloads. I am working on JavaScript Object Notation(JSON) and MyDevices Cayenne Low Power Payload(LPP) support.

Over time I will upload pre-built application packages to the gihub repo to make it easier to install. The installation process is exactly the same as my AdaFruit.IO and Azure IoT Hubs/Central field gateways.

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