Mikrobus.Net Quail and Click boards arrived

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a NetMF board from MikroElektronika in Serbia. Last night I downloaded the platform libraries and built my first application for the device (the obligatory flashing an LED). This afternoon I soldered the headers onto the clicks and hopefully didn’t make a mess of it.

MikroBusNet Quail board and a selection of click boards

MikroElektronika MikroBusNet Quail board and a selection of click boards

using MBN;
using MBN.Exceptions;
using System.Threading;
using Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware;

namespace MBFlashy
   public class Program
      public static void Main()
         while( true )

Next steps will be to get the nRF24L01 and joystick clicks working, maybe as a remote control for my 4WD robot.

2 thoughts on “Mikrobus.Net Quail and Click boards arrived

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