Code club 20th Feb @ Orion Health

We are trying a new approach this term and are running the Code Club at Orion Health in Hazeldean Road.

I have managed to borrow 8 or 9 Netduinos so with 3 people per device we can run a class for up to 27 people. If there is enough interest we may look at splitting the class and running some more at local high schools or hosted by IT companies.

This term we’ll be learning C#, building robots, heartbeat monitors, connecting devices to the internet and eating pizza.

Big thanks to Orion Health for hosting us.


We might be a bit short of computers to run the development tools. If you can bring one with the setup detailed here that would help a lot. The Visual Studio 2010 and associated Netduino SDKs would be easiest.

One thought on “Code club 20th Feb @ Orion Health

  1. Great to see 64 students there tonight. Just a little big bigger than the 27 you were hoping for. It looks like it’s going to be a great opportunity to develop some young students into the world of digital technologies.

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