MyFirst mobile phone for Code club

One of my co-workers is involved with a group that run “code clubs” at local schools teaching high school students how to code.

We got talking about projects which would appeal to the students and I suggested making a mobile phone. This is my prototype


It’s more Nokia 5110 than Nokia Lumia 820

If you want to build your own (the parts list will grow as I add GPS, accelerometer, compass, screen etc..)

For V0.1 of code one button sends and SMS to my mobile, the other button initiates a voice call to my mobile. The initial version of the code was based on the SeeedStudio GSM Shield Netduino driver on codeplex.

The later versions are based on the CodeFreakout Seeedstudio GPRS Shield drivers which are available via NuGet. I have added some functionality for dialling and hanging up voice calls which I will post for others to use once I have tested it some more.

2 thoughts on “MyFirst mobile phone for Code club

  1. Have you made your sourcecode available? I am trying to get my GPRS shield working with NetDuino, but my C# coding skills are limited and as it is a school project I am unfurtunatly abit pressed with time.

    Best regards

    • Hi,

      The two libraries both provide sample applications which illustrate how to initiate a call, send an SMS and make an HTTP request (Code Freakout only).


      seeduionoGSM seed = new seeduionoGSM();

      //seed.SendSMS("+xxxxxxx", "TEST 1234556");
      seed.placeCall("+xxxxxxx"); // Replace this with your number

      Good luck

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