NetMF Quadcopter Proof of Concept

A few weeks ago I read a number of conversation on the Netduino and TinyCLR Forums about building a quadcopter. Often there was discussion about how .NetMF wasn’t a viable platform and this got me thinking…

Today, I purchased a Crazyflie Nano Quadcopter Kit 10-DOF as a research platform. I also purchased a Netduino Plus 2 (faster processor than my current Netduino Plus and Fez Panda II boards) and an MPU 6050 breakout board as the start of my control system.

First thing to confirm is that I can read the gyro and accelerometer data from the MPU 6050 at a high enough rate to enable controlled flight. The next step will be to confirm that the processor can process the gyro & accelerometer data at a high enough rate to enable controlled flight.

If these initial investigations are successful start to purchase the parts for a development system based on this Beginners Quadcopter Kit buying guide. I won’t need the remote control hardware (I will use Zigbee or similar) or the controller board.

Using a proven should reduce the risk, plus if I can’t get it to work I can purchase the necessary Openpilot or similar kit and have a working quadcopter.

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