MEMs Accelerometers – Trade offs

Spending a lot of time looking at consumer, industrial & military grade accelerometer specification sheets to see what is available/suitable. As soon as I go beyond strong motion & early warning objectives the accelerometer device cost gets prohibitive. Though, I might buy a couple of the more expensive sensors and look at providing optional driver support for them.

I have been looking mainly at I2C connected devices so that I can avoid dealing with Analog to Digitial converters etc. Might have to buy an analog device like the ADXL335 and and see how well it works with the processor boards I am planning to use.The I2C interface may have some limitations for maximum sampling speed but the onboard queues in some of the devices look useful.

I have been using a SeeedStudio Grove twig based on the Freescale MMA7660FC but they also have another twig based on the Analog Devices ADXL 345 and I will include a couple in my next order. Looking for a daughter board based on the ADXL103 single axis or ADXL203 dual axis device.

Other wildcard ideas include DIY seismometer project

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