My Robot – No tools required

A few local people have asked for a BoM for my robot.  This is for the entry level version with no soldering or additional tools required. (There is a screw driver included with the robot chassis kit)

2WD Robot chassis from Mindkits – NZD25

Netduino from Mindkits – NZD58

IR Distance Sensor and cable from SeeedStudio– USD 14

Motor Controller from SeeedStudio – USD 20

Mountings for IR Sensor from Mindkits – NZD 5

bracket x 2

screws x4

nuts x 2

With the Seeedstudio motor controller I use a larger battery pack –

Battery holder 6xAA NZD2.25

Battery snap NZD0.75

If you don’t mind some soldering or crimping …

Short range ID Distance sensor from Mindkits NZD 25.50

I swapped the long range Sharp sensor for the short range one.

Magician robot

Robot on my desk

Make sure you upgrade Netduino to 4.2 or later for improved PWM

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