TTI V3 Connector Azure Storage Queues Paused

After running my The Things Industries(TTI) V3 HTTPStorageQueueOutput application for a week I think there are some problems with my approach so I have paused development while I build another HTTPTrigger Azure Functions based Proof of Concept(PoC).

The HTTPTrigger and Azure Storage Queue OutputBinding based code which inserts messages into an Azure Storage Queue was minimal

public static class Webhooks
	public static async Task<HttpTriggerUplinkOutputBindingType> Uplink([HttpTrigger(AuthorizationLevel.Function, "post")] HttpRequestData req, FunctionContext context)
		var logger = context.GetLogger("UplinkMessage");

		logger.LogInformation("Uplink processed");
		var response = req.CreateResponse(HttpStatusCode.OK);

		return new HttpTriggerUplinkOutputBindingType()
			Name = await req.ReadAsStringAsync(),
			HttpReponse = response

With Azure Storage Explorer I could inspect uplink, queued, sent, and acknowledgment(ACK) messages. It was difficult to generate failed and Negative Acknowledgement (Nack) and failed messages

Azure Storage Explorer displaying Uplink messages
Azure Storage Explorer displaying queued messages
Azure Storage Explorer displaying sent messages
Azure Storage Explorer Displaying Ack messages

After some experimentation I realised that I had forgotten that the order of message processing was important e.g. a TTI Queued message should be processed before the associated Ack. This could (and did happen) because I had a queue for each message type and in addition the Azure Queue Storage trigger binding would use parallel execution to process backlogs of messages. My approach caused issues with both intra and inter queue message ordering