Azure IoT Hub MQTT+TLS Overheads

An Azure IoT Hub has a series of metrics and one I had been using was “Total Device Data Usage”. To better understand what it was displaying I modified my Azure IoT Hub MQTT Test Application to display the size of the JOSN payload.

MQTTNet based client displaying payload length

The size of the packets sent and the total device data appeared to map pretty well but I was also interested in the Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Messaging Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) overheads.

Azure IoT Hub Metrics

To get an idea of the overheads I fired up LiveTcpUdpWatch by Nirsoft and noted down the traffic measure on port 8883.

Conenction LiveTcpUdpWatch main screen

Launching the MQTTNet client sending every 30 seconds resulted in traffic like this

4179b - Establishing connection
4284b - 105b
4317b - 33b
4386b - 69b
4455b - 69b
4524b - 69b
4593b - 69b
4662b - 69b
4731b - 69b
4800b - 69b
4869b - 69b
4938b - 69b
5007b - 69b
5076b - 69b
5145b - 69b
5214b - 69b
5288b - 69b

So it looks like my very rough numbers are close to the numbers discussed in the above article. I need to explore the impact of keep-alive messages and other background operations.

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