Mikrobus.Net Quail and Weather Click

In my second batch of MikroElektronika Mikrobus sensors I had purchased a Weather click because I was interested to see how the temperature and humidity values it returned compared with the Silicon labs Si7005 devices I use with my Arduino and Netduino devices. (I was a bit suspicious of the Si7005 humidity values)

I downloaded the Mikrobus.Net driver for the BME280 and created a simple console application to see how well the sensor and driver worked

public class Program
   public static void Main()
      WeatherClick weatherClick = new WeatherClick(Hardware.SocketOne, WeatherClick.I2CAddresses.Address0);


      while (true)
         Debug.Print("T " + weatherClick.ReadTemperature().ToString(" F1 ") +
" H " + weatherClick.ReadHumidity().ToString("F1") +
" P " + weatherClick.ReadPressure(PressureCompensationModes.Uncompensated).ToString("F1"));


The temperature values looked pretty good but the humidity values were rough half of what I was getting from the SI7005 connected to a devDuino V2 on the desk next to my Quail board

The thread ‘<No Name>’ (0x2) has exited with code 0 (0x0).
T 24.9 H 49.3 P 1014.8
T 25.0 H 49.4 P 1014.9
T 25.0 H 49.1 P 1014.8
T 25.0 H 49.9 P 1014.8
T 24.9 H 49.1 P 1014.9
T 25.0 H 50.8 P 1014.9
T 25.0 H 49.2 P 1015.0

The code for doing the conversions looked pretty complex so I modified a Netduino BME280 driver (uses a different approach for conversions) I have used on another projects to work on the Quail/Mikrobus architecture.

The modified driver returned roughly the same values so it looks like the problem is most probably with the SI7005 code.(or my understand of the humidity values it returns)

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